Statement from the JCRC in response to “America’s Sheriff”:

The Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Phoenix is disgusted to see the latest efforts of Joe Arpaio to bully and intimidate minority groups, including those in the Jewish community.  It is sad that, after losing his recent primary election, the former sheriff needs to seek publicity in such a sordid manner with a hate-filled, attention-grabbing stunt.

One would hope that a criminal conviction for contempt of court for continued harassment of minorities would have chastened Arpaio. Obviously it has not, and we wonder if his pardon by President Trump in 2017 — without Arpaio admitting any remorse for his illegal actions — has emboldened him and motivated his followers. Still, no matter what Arpaio’s motivation, the JCRC will continue to stand up to bullies on behalf of the Jewish community, and on behalf of all those threatened in his “America’s Sheriff” announcement.

Like the good people and voters of Maricopa County, we plan to ignore Joe Arpaio’s new gimmick as much as possible, and hope he can find more productive uses of his bountiful free time.