Many of us were hoping for more certainty today about the Presidential election. But here’s what we do know: Every eligible ballot must be counted, and every vote counts.

Here are some ways that we can all stay grounded in the days ahead:

  • Withhold skepticism. Counting the large volume of postal ballots takes time and does not indicate a problem with the process or the results. This is no different than in prior elections.
  • Wait for official results. Each state will certify its results when all eligible votes have been counted.
  • Fact-check before sharing or re-sharing information online. We’re likely to see a flood of false information by foreign and domestic actors. Check the Federal cybersecurity agency’s rumor control website if you have questions about security or hear a rumor about the U.S. election.

The JCRC of Greater Phoenix, and our parent organization, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, are continuing to monitor the situation, and are remaining in close contact with our partners in law enforcement, security, and other faith and ethnic communities. 

Together, we will get through these uncertain times.