“Public diplomacy works in multiple directions, both externally and internally. Jewish institutions have helped communicate the wide support the Jews in Tucson received from other faith and community organizations.
In conducting public diplomacy to publicize and echo these sentiments of support, the JCRC does so both outwardly to show the coalition of allies and groundswell that has occurred, and internally to let the Jewish community know the broad outpouring that has come in.
That is why the JCRC does public diplomacy. We reach out to civic leadership and other faith and community organizations to help them understand the Jewish people’s sense of vulnerability as a community and let them know we need allies now.
The Jewish community can be the anchor and lead in the fight against hate, but to build a robust coalition, our focus must be broader than just antisemitism — we must be standing for all those who are threatened.”
Read Executive Director Paul Rockower latest oped in the Jewish News  on using public diplomacy to fight antisemitism.