It is not a good day.

It is not a good day when neo-nazis and white supremacists openly threaten us, our community, our friends.

It is not a good day when Jews have to hide and run out of their synagogue filled with fear from armed Nazis across the street…

It’s not a good day when African Americans, Latinos, LGBT, and immigrants walk in fear like our grandparents had to in 1930s Germany.

But this is not Germany. This is the United States of America and we are all standing together to combat racism and antisemitism.

Because we do not stand idly by. We take to the streets in protest. We take to the pen and write our leader. We take action.

My name is Karolyn Benger and I am the Jewish Community Relations Council Executive Director.

We are standing against the injustices our Judaic values compel us to address when anyone is marginalized and exploited.

We are engaging with those of different racial, ethnic, and faith communities because, as recent events have highlighted, our communities need to engage with each other.

We need to understand each other. We need to create communities with each other. We need each other.

We invite you to join with us to be part of the conversation, be part of the solution, and together we will make it a good day again.