The JCRC board has been challenging boards across the Jewish community in the Valley of the Sun to participate in the #ERLunchChallenge!

Our JCRC board recently chipped in $20 per person to provide Chompie’s lunch boxes for frontline hospital workers at Banner Estrella Medical Center, in one of the most active COVID hot communities in town.

We have challenged the boards of our partners-organizations across the Jewish community to follow suit.

The JCRC wants to see 500 frontline healthcare workers fed by the boards of Jewish organizations. Once we have achieved that goal, we will challenge our partners in other faith and ethnic communities to do the same with their boards.

So…the gauntlet has been thrown down.

Will your favorite community organization’s board rise to the #ERLunchChallenge? Already many have taken up the challenge and are providing meals to frontline hospital workers.

“It’s a way for the boards — as units — to do something meaningful together,….It’s nice to think of the Jewish community writ large doing something impactful for the rest of the community,”
-Adam Goodman, JCRC Board Chair

Read this wonderful article on the #ERLunchChallenge in the Jewish News.