“As my JCRC fellowship comes to an end and this work within an American context changes, I hope to continue to be able to collaborate with people of all backgrounds and opinions to continue working towards the goal of unity and public good.
I’ll still be here in the Great White North, but nine months later, I have a bit more inside understanding of what it means to be a Jew in a broader North American context. Having to re-examine the way I saw things and understand the lens I saw through was not the way everyone else did was an important thing to learn.
Being able to compare and contrast ways in which our communities are both similar and worlds apart is an important understanding for me in my Jewish identity and journey. Working with my neighbours to the south has helped me better understand how Jewish communities globally exist within their own contexts, which shapes how they are and their challenges.”
-Mettannah Jacobson, “An honour to serve
The JCRC was lucky to have Mettannah Jacobson serve as its second Public Diplomacy and Communications Fellow. Living in Montreal, Canada, Mettannah came to the Grand Canyon State from the Great White North. Read her excellent op-ed in the Jewish News, “An honour to serve” on what she learned during her 9-month Fellowship.