JCRC Statement on Kari Lake, Mark Finchem and Wendy Rogers endorsement of antisemitic OK state senate candidate

On Friday August 19, the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Phoenix learned that AZ gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake endorsed an antisemitic, bigoted Oklahoma State Senate candidate. She was joined in her endorsement by AZ Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem and AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers. The JCRC put out the following denunciation:

“Kari Lake’s and Mark Finchem’s endorsements of the antisemitic Oklahoma State Senate Candidate Jarrin Jackson is appalling. We are judged by our relations, and the company we keep.

The Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Phoenix calls upon Lake and Finchem to rescind their endorsements and denounce Jackson’s vile antisemitic and homophobic words. There is no room for support for antisemitic bigots from those who want to lead Arizona.

We are further disgusted by Wendy Rogers’ endorsements of Jackson.  We are not going to bother asking Rogers to rescind her endorsement or issue a denunciation because her antisemitism is well-documented–we know who she is, and what she stands for.”

Hate is not partisan. All state leaders, regardless of political party, have a moral obligation to denounce such statements and hold those individuals making such pronouncements accountable. Failure to do so, even when politically inconvenient, demonstrates poor leadership.

Update: Kari Lake‘s tepid renunciation is wholly insufficient. Lake cannot be bothered to speak, or even tweet, the slightest denunciation of Jackson, let alone his bigotry and antisemitism. For someone who wants to head our state gov, Lake seems remarkably afraid to show any leadership.

In coverage of the situation, the JCRC statement was included in stories by the AZ Mirror, KJZZ, AZ Republic and in the op-ed by AZ Republic editor Phil Boas.