“It’s neither shocking nor surprising that Rep. Gosar would employ an anti-Semitic, racist staffer in his congressional office,” said Alan Zeichick, board chairman for the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Phoenix in a written statement. “Rep. Gosar remains an embarrassment to the State of Arizona. As Maya Angelou said, ‘When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.’ This certainly isn’t the first time Rep. Gosar has embraced neo-Nazis. We presume it won’t be the last.”

The JCRC was quoted in the Arizona Republic story on the shocking revelations of neo-Nazis working in Rep. Paul Gosar’s congressional office, which broke originally in the Talking Points Memo investigation.  It was further quoted in the Jewish News article on the issue.

As the story has continued, Executive Director Paul Rockower was on AZFamily’s Politics Unplugged with Dennis Welch to discuss the issue, and also in The Forward.